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Dashcam Battery

[Best] Auxilary Dashcam Battery Installation Package

[Best] Auxilary Dashcam Battery Installation Package

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This special installation package deal is ideal for the following dashcam users:

1) Prefer to safeguard the vehicle's starter battery from draining when parking mode is in use

2) The vehicle's starter battery capacity isn't big enough for desired parking mode hours

3) Believe that this deal is the best offer in Australia (yes, it is!)

The package is inclusive of the product, professional installation, and warranty (product + installation (to diagnose, replace, and repair)

To learn more about parking mode and its effectiveness, feel free to read the following blog post: 

The Best Dashcam for Parking Mode Effectiveness

We have carefully selected four auxiliary dashcam batteries for customers to choose from:  

1) Blackvue B-130X / Capacity: 7500mA 

2) Cellink Neo 8 / Capacity: 7500mA

3) Thinkware i-Volt Mini / Capacity: 4500mA

4) Thinkware i-Volt Max / Capacity: 7500mA

Our selection only uses LiFePo4 (Lithium iron phosphate) which is safe for in-vehicle use as it is designed to withstand extreme temperatures. All batteries come with a safety first in mind BMS (Battery Management System) hardware and software.

Our batteries are all Made in Korea.

Calculating the stand-by hours of recording is simple: Divide the auxiliary battery capacity by the power consumption of your dashcam while in parking mode (e.g., 7500mA / 750mA = 10 Hours)

Another example: 

  • Dashcam: VUGERA UX9 in low power energy saving mode consumes 30mA
  • Battery: Thinkware i-Volt Mini offers 4500mA capacity
  • Calculation: 4500 / 30 = 150 hours of standby = 6.25 days of standby only

The actual available time of recording hours has several factors:

a) Motion detection (e.g., if you've parked in front of a tree on a windy day)

b) State of Charge (SOC) - percentage of battery charged

c) Dashcam with a 'Low-Power' mode to prolong the auxiliary battery

For more information, feel free to read our latest blog post on 'Which Dashcam Battery' to choose.

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