Which Dashcam Battery?

Which Dashcam Battery?

Which dashcam battery is the best?

South Korea supplies more than 99% of the world's (best) dashcam batteries. I have sold hundreds if not thousands of dashcam batteries for more than 10 years to date, and no other country comes close to South Korea when we discuss the subject of auxiliary dashcam batteries.

Two factories in South Korea produce dashcam batteries and one of them supplies Blackvue and Thinkware dashcam batteries. Its name is 'EGEN' and it also sells its own branded auxiliary dashcam called Cellink.

I recommend any auxiliary dashcam battery made by EGEN simply because I haven't heard of a single fire case linked with EGEN. If you have heard of a fire case, then the chances are near 100% at the fault of the installation (the installer).

So why are EGEN's batteries better?

It's due to the BMS (Battery Management System). The hardware and software that manages the LiFePo4 (Lithium iron phosphate) battery is well-proven, tested, and guaranteed for safety. This is of the highest importance because of its in-vehicle usage (the purpose it is built for) as it is designed to withstand extreme temperatures (compliant with automotive requirements). Feature-wise, EGEN's battery offers fast charging which is very important for short-distance commuters traveling daily from home to work and return.

Which capacity is ideal and or better? 4500mA or 7500mA?

If you use your vehicle at least once every 2 or 3 days (with an average commuting time of 30~40 minutes) and provided that your vehicle isn't parked in front of a windy tree or a bee hive, a 4500mA battery should be enough. However, if your dashcam is a 4K UHD or 3-channel (multi) unit, and/or is a high energy-consuming dashcam (most non-Korean brands are), then a high-capacity battery is the right choice.

But most importantly, your vehicle needs to provide sufficient space to safely install the dashcam battery.

Why are some dashcams not compatible with dashcam batteries?

Most Korean-branded dashcams are fit for parking mode. This means that when the dashcam detects a change in mode to parking mode, it ensures that the system consumes less energy than normal. Most non-Korean branded dashcams consume a high level of 'dark current' which drains the battery very quickly. This is why we do not offer non-Korean branded dashcams no matter how good their video clarity (in the short term) is.

Some Korean-branded dashcams go beyond and offer a 'Low-Power' mode which may limit the motion detection while parking mode but prolong the overall stand-by hours to detect an impact where the system conducts a quick boot for footage capture upon wake-up.

Thinkware dashcams go beyond this and offer a radar module where motion is not detected via the image sensor. Instead, the dashcam uses a radar sensing module which consumes minimal energy which further prolongs the stand-by hours. Such high-end solutions are nice to have but come at a cost.

For more information on the parking mode effectiveness, feel free to check our blog post: Dashcam Parking Mode Effectiveness

Does installing an auxiliary dashcam battery void a new car warranty?

Any hardwiring to a vehicle with a new car warranty will become void if the manufacturer can prove that the external source that was hardwired to the vehicle was the root cause of the damage.

Therefore, should you be concerned about a new car warranty becoming void, DO NOT WORRY! All of our dashcam batteries can be fitted with an optional cigar-jack charging cable. This means that there will be no hardwiring to your vehicle whatsoever. Although this is a true peace of mind-solution, there is one downside. Fast charging isn't supported when a cigar-jack cable is used. It's still worth it though. Better safe than sorry.

Our verdict and recommended pick for starters

A 4500mA battery package delivers the best value for money. It is compact, affordable, and delivers well-proven reliability.


If you prefer a larger capacity (7500mA) for longer standby and recording time with added features, then I suggest considering a product that delivers a minimum 2-year warranty. It will safeguard your purchase and concerns related to battery life. Our pick remains the 4500mA capacity with quick charging capability.

For more information on dashcam battery brands, price, capacity, and how to calculate the standby hours for your dashcam, please check out our dashcam battery installation packages starting from a super low $439 inclusive GST and a professional installation. Dashcam Battery Installation Package Deals

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