The Best Dashcam for Parking Mode Effectiveness

The Best Dashcam for Parking Mode Effectiveness

At Dashcam Specialists, we offer the best package deals for Parking Mode effectiveness. Before we share which products we recommend, let us dive into the subject of Parking Mode.

Our customers always have numerous questions related to Parking Mode. This usually comes after an unpleasant experience such as a hit and run while parked on the streets or where CCTV footage cannot be obtained. If you are worried about a hit-and-run situation, yes! parking mode is a must!

However, many customers also ask us to set the Parking Mode 'OFF' as Parking Mode is related to battery consumption (of the vehicle's starter battery) which can leave vehicle owners stranded for hours (imagine this happens when you are about to go to work in the morning, a nightmare isn't it?) in need of a jump start by a roadside assistance provider which can cost money if not insured.

Assume your dashcam has motion detection and you are parked in front of a tree on a windy day. Your dashcam will be busy recording the dancing tree and this will drain your battery very quickly! As a result, many ask us "Why did the dashcam switch off? and not record while parked?". The reason for this is that every (good) dashcam has a voltage cut-off feature to protect the starter battery from draining. If the battery is near flat, the dashcam should immediately switch off to avoid the hassle of having you call roadside assistance. This is normal, unlike low-quality dashcams that drain your battery flat.

Now, the condition of your starter battery in your vehicle may not always be in the best condition even if your vehicle is new. For example, your vehicle might have been standing on a dealer lot for months. Every starter battery is rated with a CCA (Cold Cranking Ampere). The older your battery is, the lower the CCA level will be. The more often you drain it with a dashcam while in Parking Mode, the shorter the lifespan of your starter battery will become. 

We have a starter battery analyzer tool at our workshop. So feel free to ask to test out your vehicle's starter battery. We won't sell you a starter battery though, but we can guide you to the nearest battery specialist.

Generally, basic parking mode features are 'motion detection' based which means a steady consumption is drawn from the starter battery until the low-voltage comes active shutting off the dashcam to protect the starter battery from draining.

However, some dashcams will draw a high level of 'dark current' even when the dashcam is switched off. We are aware of some popular brands that aren't automotive compliant (which we don't sell at our store) and these non-compliant dashcams consume as much as 10 to 35 times more dark current than the quality products we offer. Although we come across customers who buy it without knowing (usually hooked on a Black Friday deal), we still and always encourage you to stay away from these (junk) dashcams.

You get what you pay for.

When it comes to Parking Mode effectiveness, the Thinkware U3000 (see photo above) is the best solution to date as it records only when something in motion is detected on RADAR, saving consumption to the maximum but comes at a price just under 1,300 Australian dollars before installation.

The Vugera QX8 has three Parking Mode options. In Energy Savings mode, the dashcam will not record any motion (like your eyes closed), but will wake up to an impact and continue recording. The Vugera QX8 consumes around 290mA while in motion detection parking mode. In Energy Savings mode, it consumes 26mA which is less than a tenth of the standard parking mode consumption. This feature will improve your dashcam's ability to stand by and record when in need.

Remember! Any dashcam with a 2.5K or 4K resolution will draw more power than a conventional Full-HD 1080p unit. This is why we offer an external dashcam battery bundled package deal when you purchase your dashcam.

We are often asked "How many days of recording is possible?" or "Will an external battery for a dashcam guarantee parking mode at all times?". We can guide you with an estimated value but it all comes down to the following:

  1. What state of charge is your battery in?
  2. How much power does your dashcam consume in parking mode?
  3. Has your external battery been charged?
  4. Which parking mode fits your parked conditions?
  5. What is your micro-SD card capacity?

We recommend that you purchase a dashcam package with an external battery only if,

  • The packaged deal (dashcam + external battery + installation) is within your budget
  • Your vehicle has a small starter battery and the chances of draining are high
  • You prefer not to shorten the lifespan of your vehicle starter battery
  • Your vehicle starter battery is under the manufacturer's warranty
  • The packaged deal is below 1,000 dollars (AUD)

If you are buying a package for over 1,300 dollars (AUD), you might as well just purchase the Thinkware U3000 dashcam kit only or the Thinkware U1000 dashcam with an external radar unit (sold as optional accessories).

At Dashcam Specialists, our packaged deal for the Vugera QX8+ 2.5K 32GB bundled with a 4500mA external i-Volt Mini battery, inclusive of a professional installation just starts under 900 dollars (AUD). Check out this deal today!

Last but not least, make sure that a Dashcam Specialist works on your vehicle and dashcam bundle with professionalism and passion.

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