Share a Dashcam Footage with Aussiecams to WIN!

Share a Dashcam Footage with Aussiecams to WIN!

We have teamed up with Australia's #2 dashcam footage channel Aussiecams!

Share a dashcam footage with Aussiecams and get into a free lucky draw to win a VUGERA OBD2 Power Cable compatible with Vugera and BlackVue X-Series (only) dashcams!

Dashcam, CCTV, and Mobile footage from right around Australia. Send in your footage and a description of how you would like your clip edited when sending it to Aussiecams. They can add sound effects, text, and overlays or make your clip fully customizable to your request.

Details on how to SEND A VIDEO (see above) - use any file transfer method or via Aussiecams' recommended site as it's free without signing up and use as the recipient address.

[Entry Conditions] See also T&Cs on the bottom of this page

1. The video footage must be an incident captured by your device

2. The video footage must not have been uploaded and posted elsewhere.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to mention 'Dashcam Specialists' in the message.

How many VUGERA OBD2 Power Cables will be won?

We will select and announce five (5) lucky winners every month (yes! each month).

Which product will be awarded?

The lucky winner will win a VUGERA OBD2 Power Cable compatible with all Vugera and BlackVue X-Series (only) dashcams!

Terms & Conditions

This lucky draw event is a marketing collaboration event between Dashcam Specialists and Aussiecams. Anyone over 18 years old can submit and share a video to Aussiecams. 

Please ensure that you own the recorded footage that you are sharing. Should the footage NOT belong to you, you will be automatically excluded from the draw. Aussiecams has the right to cancel and delete your footage at any time.

Announcement of winners will be made privately and individually after verification. Therefore, please ensure that you have subscribed to our website as well as to Aussiecams' Facebook page.

To submit your footage from Australia upload it here - and use as the recipient's email address - quick and easy as sending an email!

*All information we have at the time of upload is included in our description. We may update when further information is provided, sometimes this can be weeks later.
*Please note: any comments or statements from witnesses or viewers are not those made or supported by Aussiecams.
*Volume may be muted from original content if the copyright music owner makes a claim. Unfortunately on occasions, this will also mute the dashcam owner's voice/reactions.

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