Installation Services - Why are we Australia's #1?

Installation Services - Why are we Australia's #1?

Hi Dashcam Fam,

My name is Bruce and I migrated from South Korea after working for numerous automotive brands as a master technician. I also bring 10 years of body and paint expertise which has helped me understand vehicle interiors which is a key factor in my professional work.

Whenever I install a dashcam, I work on the vehicle as if it were mine. I work just the way a new car would be assembled at the factory and there are reasons for this. Adding a dashcam accessory to your vehicle will have an effect on your vehicle. For example, electromagnetic interference is one. 

Therefore, it is important to ensure that the installation process is performed at the highest possible standards which is what my suppliers (Vugera and Thinkware) also ask and conduct training for simply because we care about you and your vehicle and it does affect the longevity of the dashcam itself.

The key to a successful installation is (and for every installer out there), that the installation (and no doubt the product) must deliver a high level of endurance, longevity, and reliability.

If I were to simply connect wires and hide away unprofessional work, I'd definitely not have made it until today. The reality is, that many clients visit me for a rework which had occurred somewhere else. I don't blame others for the missing bits and pieces. As a matter of fact, I am considering training apprentices and guiding them to offer the same to our community.


[Photo: Hot Climate Endurance Testing in NT] My installation quality is tested too!

After driving thousands of kilometers on outback roads, the installation quality has to remain intact. Consider dashcam installation as a form of artwork. It's like an everlasting Renaissance painting at a museum. That's why my clients have trust in my work and I am open in every possible way to deliver satisfaction.

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