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[New!] Thinkware Q200 2K QHD-FHD 32GB BLE

[New!] Thinkware Q200 2K QHD-FHD 32GB BLE

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The all-new Q200 2K is a sleek and versatile Wi-Fi + Bluetooth (BLE) enabled dashcam providing QHD resolution on both front and rear cameras, offering the ultimate surveillance solution for every driver. Features include:

  • Dual channel recording. Front-facing dashboard camera with a rear camera input
  • High-definition video recording. Clear and crisp video files be it daytime or nighttime with the Quad HD 1440p resolution at front
  • Video enhancement technology. HDR (high dynamic range) dewarping image correction.
  • 124° wide-angle field of view. superb coverage that minimizes blind spots at all times. 
  • Various autonomous recording modes including continuous recording, event recording, manual recording, Advanced Parking Surveillance Mode (HWC required), Audio/Voice Recording
  • Built-in Bluetooth allows hassle-free dash cam pairing (BLE)
  • Built-in WiFi. Control, manage, and update the firmware or click, download or delete recorded videos whenever needed via the Thinkware App.
  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Alert System). Lane departure warning system, forward collision warning system, urban forward collision system, front vehicle departure warning
  • Energy Save Parking Mode. Parking surveillance video recordings of up to 3 times longer
  • Time Lapse Park Mode. Lengthens parking surveillance recording time
  • Super Night Vision 2.0 enables enhanced low light recording
  • Comprehensive driving information with GPS. Accurate vehicle speed reading and location tracking for peace of mind (optional)
  • Safety camera alerts. timely speed, red light cameras, and mobile speed zone notifications
  • High-temperature protection (integrated thermal protection). Unscathed SD card and video files even in the hottest environment.
  • Fail Safe Recording. Ensures safe storage of recordings in case power gets disconnected after an accident
  • 32GB Memory card. Format free 2.0. Supports up to 256GB
  • PC viewer. Proprietary THINWARE dashcam PC viewer.
  • 2 years warranty
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