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Thinkware F790 Dual 32GB

Thinkware F790 Dual 32GB

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The Thinkware F790 dashcam captures 1080p Full HD resolution in both front and rear cameras. The Advanced Driver Alert System helps you to stay safe on the road and Safety Camera Alerts will prompt you to slow down when approaching a Speed or Red Light Camera. With multiple recording options including Time Lapse and energy save parking modes, this dashcam will offer 24/7 protection even when you are not around. Here are some more features:

  • Dual channel recording. front-facing dashboard camera with rear camera input
  • HD video recording. clear and crisp video files be it daytime or noghttime
  • Video enhancement technology. HDR (high dynamic range), dewarping image correction
  • 144° wide angle field of view. superb coverage that minimises blind spots at all times
  • Various autonomous recording modes. continuous, incident, manual, parking, audio, SOS
  • Built in WiFi Dual band. supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands
  • Advanced Driver Alert System (ADAS). Land departure, forward collision, urban focus, front vehicle
  • Energy save parking mode. parking surveillance video recordings of up to 3 times longer
  • Time Laps Parking Mode. Lengthens parking surveillance recording time
  • Super Night Vision 3.0. Enables for enhanced low light recording
  • Built in GPS Data Log. Accurate location, vehicle speed, driving history
  • Safety Camera Alerts. Speed, Red Light, Mobile Speed Zone Alerts
  • High Temperature Protection (integrated thermal protection). Unscathed SD card and video files even in the hottest environment
  • Memory card. Format free 2.0. Supports up to 128GB
  • Free smartphone app. download footage & adjust dashcam settings
  • PC viewer. Proprietary THINKWARE dashcam PC viewer
  • 2 years warranty on dashcam, 12 months warranty on SD card
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