How much it costs to install a dashcam?

How much it costs to install a dashcam?

We get frequent inquiries on how much it costs to install a dashcam.

Installation-only price starts from $120 excluding GST. 

The starting price of $120 applies to a non-premium or non-luxury sedan where the dashcam is hardwired using the original hardwire kit or an OBD2 power accessory cable to enable parking mode.

If you have a low-cost, unknown, unsure product that you purchased somewhere online for a great price, we suggest that you reconsider and compare the total package (product reliability, installation quality, and warranty coverage) before installing it or even buying it in the first place.

The installation cost goes higher depending on the vehicle type. This is mainly due to the required skill and ability to finish on time. Every car is different in terms of electrical layout, interior trim construction, and consumable parts needed in the installation process.

Assuming that you already have a new or a used dashcam with a hardwire kit, various factors need to be considered when providing you with a quote.

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We have selected the top 5 questions that need to be answered by you to provide the best quote of the day. 

1. What is your Vehicle Type? (Sedan, Hatchback, SUV or MPV)

2. Is it an Electric Vehicle? (not Hybrid, yes or no?)

3. General info on your vehicle (Brand, Model, Model Year)

4. What dashcam brand, model, and channel (1 or 2-channel) would you like to install on your vehicle?

5. At which location would you like to install it (which suburb do live? or preferably at our workshop?) + your contact details such as name and mobile number

An example of your answers could be:

1. Sedan

2. EV

3. Tesla Model 3 2024

4. Vugera QX8 32GB 2-channel

5. At the workshop, Bruce, 0430 997 394

Based on the above information, we are happy to quote a competitive + final price for the professional installation.

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What does an installation quote include?

Our quote also includes a comprehensive walk-through of the features, functions, and warranty on workmanship.

Our installation doesn't end with the installation alone. We believe that our relationship and trust-building with the customer begins once the installation has been completed. 

We will take the next step in performing a complimentary walk-through of the installation process and we would be happy to also assist you with the smartphone connection setup until you feel confident to do it on your own. 

We want you to be satisfied and look forward to taking care of your next dashcam installation and referral to your family and friends. We care!

However, there are some dashcams that we would not have experienced (new products or unpopular brands and models) before. Do not worry! We will work it out and go through the steps together. There are some, if not many, low-cost dashcams that will have product and reliability issues already from day 1 due to quality, reliability, and Wi-Fi connectivity issues. So please bear this in mind before you make a purchase decision.

Within your inquiry, it would also be helpful if you can leave a side note such as

"I need to remove the old dashcam from the vehicle" or "I have an auxiliary dashcam battery already fitted in my vehicle" It will help us help you.

Feel free to submit a quote request and we will get back to you ASAP! 

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